Discover Your Most Aligned Path Forward to $5k+ Months As a Coach Or Healer

Feel truly seen, heard & guided as you explore layering your own intuition on top of proven business strategies to build a solid & sustainable foundation for your profitable online business.


You invest time, money & energy to hone your craft as a healer.

And often times those hours spent in sacred sisterhood, mentoring, and community are indescribably supportive. You feel held, seen, understood by your teachers & fellow students.

Why can't bringing those gifts out to the world (in a beautiful & profitable) business feel the same way?

If you care deeply about the work you do, but sometimes it feels like the business-y & sales part of running a business doesn't light you up, read on my friend.

Can You Have It All?

You know your purpose deep in your soul.

Your path has brought you to powerful coaching & healing tools & it's your mission to share with others.

You can see the vision long-term

Impacting the masses is bound to happen. It's the first steps and the in-between that's feeeling fuzzy.

You love the coaching & healing...

But the business-y stuff and software / tech decisions are not your zone of genius.

You don't want to run this from your mind.

Your intuition, higher self, spirit guides, and all the juicy woo woo tools have guided you right in other areas of your life...

You want it all.

A solid plan for your business (offerings, pricing, marketing, software, finances) that is fueled by the power of your intuition and energy.


The Intuitive Business Community

This is a sacred membership space where you'll be supported in discovering and harnessing your true potential, to earn a living doing what you love.

It's an evolving community that allows you to show up as the sensitive, soulful, spiritual soul that you are, who also desires to master the art of running an abundant AF business bringing your gifts out to the world.

This is more than just a membership – it's an immersion into the complex world of being a business owner, who wants to blend proven strategy, lay a solid foundation from the ground up, and honor your intuition every step of the way.

Is This Membership Right for You?

This membership community is designed for individuals who:

  • Are amazingly talented at what you do already. You are trained or have honed your craft in coaching or healing.
  • Are ready to step into your abundance era. You are ready to put in the work, on your own terms.
  • Get super turned off by hustle culture, sleazy bro marketing tactics, or anything that feels inauthentic in your business.
  • Is some mix of highly intuitive, empathic, neurodivergent...basically you just don't fit into all the big flashy business programs out there online.
  • Want to be held in community by others who truly get your vision, your heart, and the way you desire to grow your business.

This Membership Isn't For You If...

  • You're not willing to invest time and effort into your business foundations.
  • You're looking for a quick fix or overnight success in your business.
  • You resist exploring new perspectives and practices that may challenge you.
  • You're not willing to offer support or engage in a community.


Acquire Business Knowledge

Journey through courses to learn about legal & financial aspects of running a business, choosing software, and managing your business finances.

Hone Your Intuition

Access trainings on how to tap into your Human Design authority, and intuition as you find your most aligned path in business.

Supportive Online Community Space

Show up to share updates & celebrations, ask questions, and seek & offer feedback for decisions you are making in your business in our group and on live Q&A calls.

Ongoing Strategy Support

Every month we explore a new strategy that is relevant to the collective group around marketing, designing offers, and growing your brand & business online. Replays are always available.


The Intuitive Business Community

Chelsea launched this community at just the right time for me. My favorite part of the membership is definitely the live training calls, and connecting with other women.

Learning about my Human Design has helped me continue to embrace the unique way I work, and has made this journey richer & deeper than I ever expected.

Jen O'Konski

Suzuki Music Instructor

This Community has me thinking about my business in a different way. The concept of learning different business strategies, trying them on, and discerning what is right for me, was very attractive.

It's like having multiple programs rolled into one. I find the community very engaged and supportive of each other. It's a really great group! Highly recommend.

Lynn Pease

Intuitive Business Coach

I have learned so much about my own Human Design, how to run my business based on that as well as some of the "nuts and bolts" of running an successful business.

Chelsea has helped me develop my own signature transformation program and worked with me step by step to get me ready for my launch.

I love this community & try to make every live call to plug in and feel supported.

Candice Erickson-Perham

Emotion / Body Code Practitioner

I’ve been “out there” working my business on all the platforms and taking all the courses, workshops, and trainings that promised to bring me clients.

I was feeling overwhelmed from trying so hard. I knew I was a Chelsea fan, so it was a no-brainer to binge her podcast. It only reconfirmed that she was real and honest.

From there I jumped into her monthly membership and enjoyed the value of the insight I could get from her in our monthly sessions.

Kristin Wood

Body Balance Coach

I love how streamlined everything is. Every question I have had come up in the process of building my business has a solution ready and waiting for me in the membership.

It's like she truly knows what it takes to balance the practical and spiritual aspects of being an entrepreneur and has put it all into a map that feels so easy to understand and apply.

The resources shared for all the different systems have been a huge help in understanding what will best fit the needs of my business. Understanding my human design with Chelsea has really helped me to grasp how to flow within my business and my energy.

Haley Fisher

Breathwork Facilitator | Yin Yoga | Dance Fitness Instructor

I signed up for this membership to help make a business dream into a reality.

You can come into this community as your WHOLE self, not just the business parts.

Chelsea has somehow found the magic sauce in creating such a great community.

She will push you (in the best possible way) to take those action steps to make those dreams you have a reality and you will have the type of support and encouragement that works for you, every step of the way from her and the community. Do yourself the favor and sign up.

Chelsey Yeager

Whole Person Coach

What Could Your Stay In the Community Look Like?

Choose your subscription level

Sign up for a month to month membership, or commit (and receive a discount) to the space for 3 months.

Receive instant access to a course portal

Login, and follow your intuition on which course will help you to fill a knowledge gap around business, software, finances, or even your Human Design.

Join into the community space

We host our community inside of a Mighy Network. No social media needed to login. You can even download an app!

RSVP to upcoming live calls

Easy navigation to find the upcoming live strategy trainings & live Q&A calls. Can't join live? Navigate the replay library.

Continue to hone your plan

Review course materials, shre your plan in community or Q&A, receive feedback,

Upgrade for (discounted) 1:1 support

Discounted 1:1 strategy sessions are offered to active members, and you also receive 10% off done-for-you services by my Intuitive Marketing Collective agency if you need them.

Course Portal Access

Instant access to 3 full courses (Soulful Startup, Mindful Money Planning + Human Design Self-Guided Reading)

Live Q&A Calls

3 Live Q&A Calls meet monthly, allowing you space to process next steps as you find your most aligned path forward.

Access to Online Community Space

Join our supportive community of fellow coaches & healers.

Monthly Live Strategy Training Call

Engage in live training sessions (every 1st Thursday ofthe month) with Chelsea.

You can earn a living doing what you love. Taking one intuitive step at a time.

It's time to gift yourself the experience of feeling supported, held, seen & guided by a mentor & community members who truly understand & value the gifts you bring to the world.




The best value

$227 USD

3-month subscription

Monthly Membership

No commitment

$97 USD

Monthly Subscription

Meet Chelsea

Your Intuitive Business Mentor

Chelsea Fournier is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Human Design guide to sensitive souls, coaches, healers & creatives looking to turn your purpose into profit & earn a living doing what you love!

She is a former lawyer and business coach with 10+ years of experience, whose spiritual awakening led her to a mission of helping spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches & healers take up more space online, and earn a living doing what you love.

Layering your intuition and Human Design & as an energetic tool on top of proven (sensitive-soul friendly) business strategies, you can design the online business you were born to run.

Need Some Details For Your Decision-Making Process?


When will I get access to the membership?

You get instant access. Within a few minutes of enrolling, you will receive a welcome email with a link into the Mighty Networks community where the membership is housed, as well as login to the Course Portal where you can binge watch mini-courses and dive right in. You can immediately RSVP to upcoming live events and access past replay calls.

How long will I have access to the membership?

As a monthly member, you will have access to the membership community and materials for 30 days from the date of your first payment, and then it will renew for another 30 days, unless you cancel it. Quarterly members re-run on the 3-month anniversary of the first payment. You will have access to a simple help form if you need to manage your payment information or cancel your membership at any time.

What if I can’t make calls or trainings live?

The live trainings and Q&A calls are all anticipated to be Thursdays from 10AM - 11AM EST. Some accommodations may need to be made for holidays or travel days on my part. But advance notice will be given. If longer changes to the schedule are needed, the community will be given plenty of notice.

All live trainings will be recorded and replays made accessible within 24 hours of the call completing. So that all the live events for each month will be grouped together for easy finding and later viewing. This also means that as the membership grows, there will be an archive library of past months of trainings.

What if I want to cancel my membership, or pause it to come back in later?

The membership is designed to allow monthly members to enroll and cancel with no ongoing commitment. However, if you do cancel, and then come back, you will re-enter at the then current monthly membership fee (which may have increased since you canceled).

Also, it should be noted that if you cancel, depending on the day of the month you enrolled, you may be removed from the membership before the current month of training fully completes. If you want to make sure to have access to wrap-up a certain topic, then make sure your current billing cycle will carry you through the end of the current calendar month.

How much access do I get to the coaches in this membership?

Chelsea will be personally designing and running the training calls, creating posts in the community, and answering questions in live Q&A calls, as well as within post comment threads. If you desire closer proximity to her, you will have access to members-only discounts and 1:1 support, and can easily explore more once inside the membership.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the LIVE coaching and mentorship offered right off the gate, there are no refunds for this program. However, you have the full ability to cancel before future payments are charged.

If you choose to cancel before the end of your billing cycle (whether it be end of the month or end of the year), you will retain access to membership through the end of your billing period.