The Ultimate Pensight Store Setup Guide for Healers

Your Path to Driving Traffic From Social Media to Grow Your Email List, Client Base & Business Online Easily

Everything You Need to Set Up Your Pensight Store and Social Media Links

Simplify Your Process!

You are already spending so much time on social media, trying to create interest in your free resources, Discovery Calls, sessions & programs.

So make it as easy as possible on your followers, to take simple steps to take action when they are ready.

❌ You don't need complicated funnels

❌ You don't want to create confusion

❌ You don't want bottlenecks in your process

❌ You don't want to spend $$$ on software

Help your followers move from your content, to profile, to next steps in your world with ease.

Snipfeed, StanStore, and other software will charge you right off the bat.

Setting up Pensight into your software flow will save you time, money, and increase conversions.

Who can benefit from this Guide?

Coaches who want to expand their online presence and sell their coaching sessions, digital products, and courses through a Pensight store.

Healers who are looking to monetize their expertise and reach a wider audience by setting up a Pensight store and linking it to their social media profiles.

Wellness professionals who want to establish an online platform to sell their services, products, and resources to clients and followers.

Spiritual guides who wish to create an online store to sell their spiritual sessions, books, and other related products to a global audience.

Meet Your Mentor

Chelsea Fournier is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Human Design guide to sensitive souls, coaches & healers looking to turn your purpose into profit.

She is a former lawyer and business coach with 10+ years of experience, whose spiritual awakening led her to a mission of helping spiritual entrepreneurs take up more space online, to create businesses of both impact & abundance.

Layering Human Design as an energetic tool on top of proven (sensitive-soul friendly) business strategies, you can design the online business you were born to run - no bro marketing, hustle culture, or ick factor required.

When she's not running her business, Chelsea is chasing her toddler son around a park or cooking the next meal or snack for her family (why is it never ending as a mom?)

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