Finally Get Paid What You Are Worth!

The first step to earning a living doing what you love as a coach or healer is getting confident about your prices.

If you have ever wondered whether you are charging too much or too little for your services...this guide is your next step to claim your most abundant and confident pricing for your coaching or healing business.

This FREE simple step by step guide is for new coaches & healers, to finally get paid what you're worth & feel confident about the prices you charge.

✨ I help empaths, coaches, healers & helpers earn a living online doing what you love.

✨ Simple strategies, systems & tight (business) back ends will allow more flow & ease in your business.

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Client Journey Design (2 week container for impeccable clarity)

Get crystal clear on your offerings, packages & pricing - so that you never waiver on helping someone step into working with you again.

You are ready to expand beyond just offering 1:1 sessions, or you have a few different offers that you are trying to string together in a cohesive way.

Creating a clear client journey will help you authentically offer upsells, downsells and create funnels that will convert to attract & support your ideal clients.

We will map out a business plan and pricing strategy for your 1:1 sessions, services, workshops, courses and even digital products to maximize your offers & lay a solid foundation for your coaching or healing business.

Intuitive Business Collective

(marketing services)

You deserve to feel divinely supported.

Said with love, your time is not best spent watching tutorials, trying to master the software and tech side of running your business online.

Let your business back end feel as magical as the gifts you bring to the world.

Finally, a marketing agency designed for sensitive souls, by a sensitive soul. With the new business owner's needs & budget in mind.

We offer intuitive & impeccable online business & marketing support to this generation's most gifted healers, coaches & creatives.

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I absolutely love celebrating my clients. And I don't only share the poster child "big money win" stories. There are so many ways that the methods I share can benefit you and your business, and I invite you to explore and see if you resonate.

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Chelsea Fournier is an intuitive business mentor who blends strategy & energetics

Chelsea Fournier is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Human Design guide to sensitive souls, coaches, healers & creatives looking to turn your purpose into profit & earn a living doing what you love!

She is a former lawyer and business coach with 10+ years of experience, whose spiritual awakening led her to a mission of helping spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches & healers take up more space online, and earn a living doing what you love.

Layering Human Design as an energetic tool on top of proven (sensitive-soul friendly) business strategies, you can design the online business you were born to run - no bro marketing, hustle culture, or ick factor required.

When she's not running her business, Chelsea is chasing her toddler son around a park or cooking the next meal or snack for her family (why is it never ending as a mom?)

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