Let your business back end feel as magical as the gifts you bring to the world.

The Intuitive Marketing Collective

Offering intuitive & impeccable online business & marketing support to this generation's most gifted healers, coaches & creatives.

You deserve to feel divinely supported.

Said with love, your time is not best spent watching another YouTube tutorial on how to integrate your payment processing into your link in bio, deliver your freebie, or make sure your social media content is scheduled.

Let me know if this is you?

You have received training, mentoring or certifications and are amazingly gifted as a coach, healer or creative.

You offer 1:1 sessions or services, programs or courses currently and know you are ready to bring more out to the world.

You desire to truly earn an abundant living doing what you love, and know that growing online is the most sustainable way to scale.

You've been doing all the tech stuff yourself (or maybe you have 1 part-time assistant) and it drains you so much.

Choosing software, automations, setting up funnels...it's all a full body NO for you. But you know the back end stuff is important.

It's important to you that you work with someone who truly understands you, your gifts, your craft, and vision.

Imagine if...

You could partner with someone who is a former lawyer, a business coach of 10+ years, who brings online business savvy to the table...

Who also happens to be highly intuitive, certified in Human Design, and able to truly understand your work & vision on a soul level...

And who has brought together a team of amazingly talented human beings who love running the back end of online businesses...

So you could finally see your big vision come to life online, and allow for you to step into your greatest era of impact & abundance?


The Intuitive Marketing Collective

Offering intuitive & impeccable online business & marketing support to this generation's most gifted healers, coaches & creatives.

3 Simple Steps to Start

STEP 1: Explore Our Tiers of Support

Keep scrolling down, to see the 3 Tiers of Support we currently offer. Each Package is thoughtfully laid out with our transparent pricing to help you envision the support that will best match your needs.

STEP 2: Book a Free Clarity Call

Don't worry if you aren't sure if you would benefit more from 1 tier or package from another. During our Free Clarity Call, you will meet with Chelsea to receive guidance on what would beest fit your needs & budget.

STEP 3: Review Your Custom Proposal

Within 48 hours from our Clarity Call you will receive a custom proposal, laying out the recommended package, and you can move through to onboard as a client (sign agreement, pay invoice, and get started!)

What our Clients are saying

Kristin Wood

Chelsea helped me see where I was overworking on creating and providing “value”. We streamlined my client’s journey and made my message consistent across all platforms that I’m using.

Working with Chelsea has given me more time in my day for clients or my own needs

Alaina Schwartz

Not only is she great at biz, but she's also highly intuitive, and was able to meet that side of me too. Working with her was such an asset and so worth the investment!

I highly recommend her and would say, if you're considering it, just go for it. Your higher self will thank you!

Veronica Carpenter

I now feel like I have begun to lay a sturdy foundation through being more systematic in my approach with bringing my offerings out into the world.

During my time working with Chelsea I always felt held, seen, heard and like I had a little business mentor cheerleader on my shoulder. I'm so grateful that I was connected with her.

Values at the core of the collective:

Transparent pricing. Flat fee, capped fee, and clear custom proposals help you know what to expect & budget.

Honoring your vision. We focus on listening & co-creating your vision, not dominating the conversation.

Ethical & respectful communication. Not only with our clients. But in creating copy to communicate with your audience.

Setting realistic expectations. Growing a business isn't an overnight endeavor. Our experience can help you have perspective & celebrate your wins.



Investment: $444

We have created a short-term container of specialized coaching / guidance, co-creation of an action plan you can execute, paired with accountability to get things off your plate. See the 3 topics for this container below.


Investment: $999 - $4,888

If getting your website set up has been on your list, and you don't know where to start - we offer templates (with training) and custom builds of core website pages and related funnels to grow your business. Custom website work also available.


Investment: $555 - $1,555

These are tech based projects that will allow you to create your link in bio, software home-base, funnels, email sequences, or even the social media / Pinterest strategy of your dreams. These investments serve you long-term in your business.


Investment: $1,111 - $2,222

Whether you need a longer project (with a deadline / finish date) or want to have our team take over key tasks for your business ongoing, we have 2 tiers of retainer packages. Custom packages also available upon request.


Need personalized guidance & accountability to get something off your To Do list?

audit & accountability = impeccable guidance

These packages are designed to help you tackle the CEO side of running your business. For when you need to set a container of time, support & accountability for getting something off your plate, that only you can do. But we get to do it together.

There is no stupid question in this container. Small things may be hanging you up from laying a solid foundation for your business around legal / financial, offer design, or email marketing. You choose the topic, and we will make big strides together.

Each package options comes with 1 1:1 call with Chelsea, a written game plan to execute after the call, plus 2 weeks of 1:1 mentoring through Telegram to offer accountability.


You have been putting off setting up your LLC, getting your EIN, setting up a business bank account, figuring out how to pay yourself properly, or want guidance on how to hire a bookkeep1er, accountant, or do any of the legal or financial aspect of running your business.

Investment = $444


You are ready to step into more strategy in your email marketing, and want to understand specific methods to grow your email subscriber list, where you could benefit from automations, and a visual map of how it will all fit together.

Investment = $444


You are ready to expand beyond just offering 1:1 sessions, or you have a few different offers that you are trying to string together in a cohesive way. We will map out a strategy to help you promote your 1:1 sessions, services, workshops, courses and even digital products to maximize your offers.

Investment = $444

Need more time to focus on your zone of genius? Check out our done for you project packages.

done for you = off your plate & to do list!

Said with love, your time is not best spent watching another YouTube tutorial on how to integrate your payment processing into your link in bio, deliver your freebie, or figure out what should go in a welcome email sequence.

If you are ready to tackle one of these projects, you can hire us a la carte. If you want a bit more of an overhaul, we can create a custom package, retainer, and timeline to meet your needs.


(in Systeme.io)

You are either starting from scratch in building your brand and business - or - you have been cobbling together where you host your website, courses, email list, and want everything in one place.

If you are ready to get set up with a simple all-in-one system, let our team set you up in Systeme.io, and get the foundational templates to customize for your website, courses, funnels, email marketing and blog up & running quickly.

We kick-off with a 45 minute strategy call to gather login and details we will need for your account set-up.

Set-up includes:

-setting up your custom domain in Systeme.io

-email set-up

-payment processing integration

-favicon & custom branding

Then all templates are loaded in to your account. Each template includes a tutorial, to give you guidance on how to get started customizing.

Templates included:

-10 page website (Home, About, Work With Me, Testimonials, Contact, Blog Post Page, Scheduling Page + 3 policy pages)

-Free lead magnet funnel (opt-in, upsell, checkout & thank you page)

-Long sales page funnel & checkout (opt-in, trip-wire, checkout & thank you page)

-email sequence outline for delivering free resource, to upsell to your paid offering

Investment = $999


(in Systeme.io)

If you know you will have the best of intentions of working through the Website & Funnel Templates, but the project will still stay on your To Do list and not get done to your satisfaction or timeline...

We also offer customization of our templates to build your website to your specific needs.

All features of the Website & Funnel Templates package are included. PLUS we will customize 7 website pages for you:

-10 page website (Home, About, Work With Me, Testimonials, Contact, Blog Post Page, Scheduling Page)

Website build will start with our template, and all brand identity and customization will reflect your current brand and specific needs for how your website will function.

This package will get your core website set up, and give you space to jump off to create funnels for your free resources (to grow your email list) and paid offerings (to bring in clients).

If you want to get your primary website set up, and be positioned to jump in and set up your first funnels, this package is a great fit for you.

Will include:

-setup in your Systeme.io account

-branding images provided by client

-graphic design with stock images

-modern design that stands out

-optimized structure for conversion

-mobile optimization

-basic SEO set up for each website & funnel page

Investment = $2,888


(in Systeme.io)

Ready to have your website truly reflect your vision, and allow for a simple and streamlined way to move your audience from home page viewing, to signing up for free resources & paid programs?

Website build will start with our template, and all brand identity and customization will reflect your current brand and specific needs for how your website will function.

All features of the Website & Funnel Templates package are included.

PLUS we will customize:

- 1 free resource funnel (opt-in page, upsell page, checkout page, thank you page + automated confirmation / welcome email)

- 1 paid offering funnel (long sales page, upsell page, checkout page, thank you page + automated confirmation / welcome email)

- email sequence for delivering the free resource, to upsell to the paid offering (up to 5 emails)

- email sequence to onboard your paid client / student (up to 4 emails)

PLUS set up your course area, if either your free resource or paid offering involve course delivery.

If your website build project requires different pages, we can swap out in a custom proposal, for up to 14 pages for this same price.

Investment = $4,888

PENSIGHT LINK IN BIO - (full set-up)

You want to drive your social media followers to a clear link in bio, to increase conversions of them taking a next step with you.

Pensight is our recommended “link in bio” software, that allows you to have one link you promote on social media, that directs your followers to clear, simple and visually appealing next steps.

This competitor of Stan Store, Snipfeed, and LinkTree has a robust tier of free features, and can even replace other scheduling or video calling software.

Cut your monthly overhead, by leveraging the features of this paid or Pro level software, with our help.

Investment = $555

EMAIL SEQUENCE (copywriting & loading)

Email marketing & automated sequences can do the heavy lifting for your sales, and do more meaningful follow-up and support to prospective or existing clients than you could ever do on your own.

Email strategy & copywriting services can be used to write & load sequences to deliver your free resources, upsell to paid services, welcome sequences, or even custom onboarding sequences for new clients / students.

Examples of email sequences we can tackle for you:

-Welcome email sequence

-Onboarding clients or students

-Free Resource Delivery + Upsell Sequence

Investment = $555


(sell your course)

You have a course, or are ready to pump out some recordings to create a course. But you don't want to deal with loading the modules, branding your course area, or making sure your new students automatically get their welcome email & onboarding.

Luckily, we love doing this back end support for you, so your expertise, knowledge and guidance can be delivered in a course so much sooner than you expected.

This package assumes you already have the modules, or are able to record / write the modules and lessons on your own. If that is not the case, we can add on some content creation / coaching services at a discount during our consultation call.

Investment = $1,555


(grow your email list)

You have an existing resource you know your audience loves, and you want to leverage it to grow your email list. Let’s use that free resource as a “lead magnet” - and deliver it through simple email automations, to those that opt-in to receive it.

These leads are interested in what you do, and how you offer support, and we can nurture & invite them to take a next step with you to book sessions or enroll in your programs, courses or workshops.

This package assumes you have the free resource that the funnel will drive traffic to, and have as website or landing page system we will build in. If that is not the case, we can add on some set-up services at a discount during our consultation call.

Investment = $1,555


You may not be ready to hire a social media manager, but you can't keep struggling with what to post on social media day to day like you are.

You know that with a little guidance you could create content faster & with more strategy for the big picture goal of actually growing your business.

A custom Energized & Efficient Content Creation System will allow you to stay more consistent, cut the time you spend creating content, and start seeing real results from your efforts.

You will be able to come back to this system for months to come. An amazing investment for the DIY-er, who wants to spark ease and joy in social media again.

Investment = $1,111


You are tired of churning out new content on social media platforms that barely show your content to your existing followers. Never mind trying to figure out how to go viral.

You are curious how Pinterest could serve as a powerful search engine and traffic source to your website, blog, or free resources, but want expert support on getting it set up, in 4 weeks.

Create a keyword rich profile, allowing you to show up for searches within your niche to drive traffic to your freebies, offers, and long form content.

Create a best practice Pinetrest strategy - following Pinterest Guidelines for
business owners & content creators

Investment = $1,111

Ready to have someone implement the game plan & stay in your zone of genius?

retainer packages = receive divine support

Choose from an existing retainer package, or we can customize your specific needs for ongoing support.

EXPAND & SIMPLIFY (3-month commitment)

Each month of the retainer engagement, you have access to 1 custom strategy call with Chelsea Fournier + Telegram support with Chelsea + assigned team members + up to 10 hours of team support time, to tackle a combination of tech, back-end clean-up, email marketing and automation support, and general tech support to simplify what is happening in the back end of your business.

The focus of this retainer engagement is to help you maximize the existing software, funnels, and assets you have and simplify what you need to tend to going forward.

Investment = $1,111 monthly

BEAUTIFUL BACK-END (3-month commitment)

Each month of the retainer engagement, you have access of up to 2 hours of custom strategy with Chelsea Fournier + Telegram support with Chelsea + assigned team members + up to 20 hours of team support time, to tackle a combination of email marketing, lead generation, conversion, and funnel strategies to increase your revenue.

The focus of this retainer engagement is to build out and simplify funnels, to existing free and paid offerings you have, that need stringing together to simplify your client journey and increase revenue.

Investment = $2,222 monthly


If our existing packages or tiers of retainer support aren't quite what you are looking for, we can put together an a la carte proposal, including combinations of: - elements of existing packages;

- strategy / coaching calls;

- Human Design reading and mentoring

- set hours of tech support

- social media management

- Pinterest management services

During our Clarity Call we can co-create a plan that meets your needs, with an investment to fit your budget.

Hi there,

I'm Chelsea

I am a highly intuitive being, a 1/3 Sacral Generator, and a deep empath and self-healer.

I also happen to have a previous career as a small business lawyer, 10 years as a business coach and have mentored and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs.

I just might be the unicorn you have been looking for. Someone who understands business strategy, online marketing, and the work that you do (that most marketing agencies won't even understand).

I have tapped into my robust network to lead the collective of team members and experts inside the Intuitive Business Collective, and can't wait to support you.

Is working with the Intuitive Marketing Collective right for you?


  • You are trained, certified, or have honed a gift that serves others in the collective.
  • You are currently serving clients in some capacity (even if only practicum hours so far).
  • You value feeling truly seen / heard by your team, so that you are aligned with what you are building.
  • You are ready to step into an era of greater impact & income, and own your zone of genius.


  • You are just thinking about launching a business, and aren't sure what to offer.
  • You have never worked with a 1:1 client, and are shaky on what methods you would use.
  • You want overnight success promises, bro-marketing tactics & quick buck mentality in your team.
  • You really want to control every aspect of your business, and prefer learning in courses or coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know exactly what my needs are?

That's OK! As long as you are seriously interested, and have a budget within the range of what you are interested in, we can sort that all out together on the Clarity Call.

How much access will I have to Chelsea?

The number of calls, strategy support, and oversight Chelsea will take directly with your work will depend on the package or retainer service you select. She is hands-on training and overseeing every virtual assistant or contractor that may be assigned to your project as well.

Do I need to use certain softwares in my business to work with your team?

Our team works in a wide range of software suites. We do recommend specific softwares that we love working in, and have the most templates and case studies with, but you are not required to use the software we recommend. During the Clarity Call we will determine what software you plan to have us work in, and we will let you know if we have the expertise / resources available to support your online business.

What if my schedule doesn't match up for a Clarity Call on the calendar provided?

We have clients & team members in varying time zones, and get a lot of work done via Telegram messaging (a free / encrypted messaging app). If you would prefer to ask questions and receive support via Telegram, just email chelsea@intuitivebusinessbydesign.com and ask for a Telegram Clarity Conversation. Happy to accommodate!

What if I can't afford the packages I see listed on the Service Menu?

If you can't afford the packages listed, I would recommend exploring the Intuitive Business Community. This is a membership community with monthly strategy trainings, a Course Portal, and 3 Q&A calls a month. Amazing community & learning opportunity if you are more in the DIY mode, but want to improve your skills & map out your most aligned path to consistent $5k+ months in your coaching and healing business.

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