I graduated from law school in 2008, and stepped into my profession ready to prove I could have it all. Soon after, I entered into an incredibly toxic marriage, and endured stress from the relationship and infertility challenges that brought me to my knees.

I was so disconnected from my intuition, my personal needs, my life’s purpose, and any sense of inner knowing. I hit a rock bottom in relation to my physical & mental health, and started making radical changes in my life to recalibrate & take back my power.

I took a stand and physically walked out of my marriage, and that action started an unraveling & positive reinvention. I decided alignment mattered more than staying stuck.

Fast forward to the present. I am a mom of the most empathic soul in an almost 4 year old body, married to the most amazing partner, and living in the cutest beach town. I have been on a path of finding how meaningful work, personal healing, profitable income, and health can co-exist at the same time.

But it’s not all picture perfect.

2019 for me was all about preparing. 2020 was getting clear. 2021 was about massive decisions and change, and 2022 was about opening my throat chakra and finally letting it all out. And as I write this, mid-way through 2023 - this year has been about surrender, and owning my power.

I am also in the midst of doing deep trauma healing. I am overcoming chronic illness & mold exposure. Every day I lean into habits, routines, and health tools to keep my physical & emotional well being on the right track.

And every day it is worth it. And I have never been more sure of my path, my impact, and the income flowing in as beautiful energy exchanges in my business.

So what qualifies me to help you in your business? Maybe it’s just that I am 10 steps ahead of where you want to be, or that we have a lot in common. Or maybe you want to know a bit more about my credentials.

I spent a decade as a small business lawyer, helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality, all buttoned up and protected. I have worked in the trenches with 100’s of entrepreneurs and online business owners as a trained lawyer, a business coach, and a mentor.

But maybe some of the things that qualify me most to help fill the gaps of what you need to be successful is this:

  • I am a super busy mom, leveraging habits & routines to work smarter rather than harder
  • I am a mental wellness warrior, overcoming & managing anxiety almost every day of my life
  • I am an introvert, who never dreamed I would be putting myself out there like I do
  • I am a systems brain - I think in spreadsheets, routines, checklists, and that can help you
  • I have bottled up executive function- I attract a lot of neurodivergent clients actually, because my systems are simple and calming - because that's what my AuDHD brain needs as well.
  • I care passionately about my clients and students. I pour my heart and soul into my work to support your transformation.

This earth experience can feel hard sometimes. Living in a physical body that requires constant maintenance & attention. While trying to stay present and connected. Healing past traumas. Generational issues. Living consciously, maintaining a high frequency, and staying tuned in…while our crazy world tries to bring us down.

I am likely never going to be the business coach off living in Tulum or Ibiza, shooting content with coconut trees in the background…detailing my 3 hour mindset practice. I mean I guess I wouldn’t be against that. But I am also living here in the real world, juggling life, family, bills, goals, mission, habits, routines, relationships…just like you.

If you ever want to compare war stories of which healing modalities I have worked with, what my daily practice is to maintain my mindset, or how lonely it can become as old relationships fall away in big transition…I am here for that.

I know that healing is not a linear process. I do not claim to be over everything in my life that has derailed me in the past. But I am here. Doing the work. Running a business as I go and grow through it all.

After years of shifting my niche, revamping my social media & website, and vacillating on who I really want to work with, I got a massive download and decided to take a stand.

As I reflected on every “favorite” client I had worked with…every single one of them was an empath, a spiritual coach, a health coach, a healer or a lightworker of some kind.

After struggling to decide how I could make a difference for these women...I thought to myself:

I am insanely good at helping women take their big picture ideas (sorting through them if there are a lot swirling), and moving them through small actions to design beautiful online businesses.

And then I sat down and documented the steps. And realized I had some powerful frameworks that I wanted to bring to the world.

And so was born the ALIGNED Decision-Making Framework, my Decisions By Design Method, and my commitment to help these women design and run an online business to earn a living doing what you love, bringing your gifts out to the world and packaging it all up into a neat little business back end.

I love working with women at all levels of launching, growing, or scaling businesses. I am here for it all.

But a majority of my clients are in the launch/relaunch phase, or are currently making between $2,000-$5,000 a month and really want to break through a plateau of growth.

When I ask these women what $10,000+ a month in their business could mean for them, I hear amazing and clear visions like:

  • Finally buying a home for my family, instead of renting
  • Investing in the supplements and natural health support I desire
  • Purchasing higher quality and organics foods for my family
  • Establishing an endless budget for my child’s reading and homeschooling education
  • Being able to drive my children in a safer car
  • Paying down student loans, medical debt, or credit card debt
  • Finally mapping out a plan for retirement

None of my ladies are really setting their sites on yachts, buying 5 homes, or living a lavish lifestyle.

They are tired of the “starving artist” mentality that can permeate the self-employed and healing community. They are ready to take a stand for their value, and make sure their family is comfortable. WIthout having to fully plug back into the matrix to make a living.

As their abundance expands, their budgets will increase, to allow spending to be in alignment with core values of health, education, freedom, safety, and joy. And I can get behind that!

I am ready to take a stand to help you earn a living doing what you love. Are you?

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